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Seoul, South Korea


︎︎︎App, Website, Clothing, and Campaign Presentaion
︎︎︎Guerilla Campaign imagery
︎︎︎Brand Guidelines
︎︎︎MOVE is my Fall Semester Core Studio project at FIT. We were tasked with finding a problem in our community and solving it. My community at the time was in Hell’s Kitchen NYC along the Hudson River Park, where I go on runs. The problem I noticed is the inaccessibility of the park to athletes with disabilities. I solve this by creating the service titled MOVE.
︎︎︎MOVE is a volunteer based service, pairing runners both without and with disabilities. The running service is provided through an application where an individual may apply, be vetted, and then join the program. MOVE will function through an application on your phone similar to Uber; as you pair with runners running at similar times and at similar locations.
︎︎︎The application houses the main functions of MOVE. I also designed and made adaptive wear (clothing designing for people with physical disabilities) that can be seen on the website, along with a guerrilla campaign to be posted along the Hudson River Park.

MOVE Presentation from Elle on Vimeo.

visual artist | graphic designer