Visual Artist | Designer

Please contact me at︎︎︎ ellecostanzodesign@gmail.com

Seoul, South Korea


︎︎︎John Hawkes
︎︎︎Hold, Kiss, Fuck
︎︎︎Per Play Video
︎︎︎Below are a few aniamtions of mine.
︎︎︎John Hawkes is a concept website animation that documents each book of his career.
︎︎︎Hold, Kiss, Fuck is a promotional poster for a mock symposium, a part of the FIT Core Studio I Project. It includes my original frame by frame animation in the glossy figure; as well as kinetic typography and after affects animation in the cells.
︎︎︎My design manifesto project is comprised of a personal essay of mine which I reproduced visually in the form of an infographic animation.
︎︎︎Per Play is a video essay dedicated to explaining the intricacies of streaming music online. I designed the style frames to be bold and streamline. Elements work together with their thick and thin weights. The animation style mimics the audio.

visual artist | graphic designer